HYPE Foundation is an organization which promotes entrepreneurship and tech innovation around sport.

Since May, HYPE Foundation has hosted eight regional competitions across the world in search of the most innovating start-up at the intersection of sports and athletic training.
Hype foundation is the education arm of MG Equity partner's investment house (EMGI) Operating since 2003. A Member of the IHUB.EU -- A European Union organization.
Hype's mission is to provide people with an entrepreneurship mindset and start-up best practices, on their way to lead business, social and technology impact.
Hype's commitment is to challenge, empower and develop the next generation visionaries of the world.
The foundation works globally in over 40 countries, cooperate with leading figures in the innovation fields, government and companies.

8 Regional Competitions Around The World

... And the Finals in RIO 2016!

Jury Members